Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.

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I was born in Cuba and grew up in Mexico City.  While growing up in Mexico City, we lived very near to an art house movie theatre and I used to sneak out late at night and watch all of this great foreign movies with directors like - Fellini, Bunuel, Antonioni and Kubrick.  There was nothing else in this world I wanted to do more than to be behind a film camera.  When I was 18 years old, I had an accident and lost vison on my right eye.  At that time, I felt my dream of being a cinematographer was over.  I took up photography because I thought it was my only choice to being behind a camera.  I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and I started a commercial and fashion photography carreer.  

I worked in Mexico City, New York and San Francisco, I learned so much from working with amazing professionals, from lighting and composition to storytelling with a single image.   More importantly, I learned not to place limitations on myself.  I realized that you have to fight for your dreams and decided that one eye was all I needed to look through a viewfinder to create images.  I sold all of my photography equipment and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Cinematography career. 

For the next twelve years, I worked on feauture films and documentaries in Los Angeles.  We also lived in Hawaii, where our son Lucian was born.  At this time I started a wedding film company called, angeldearmas.com.  I brought all my film experience and story-telling to a new format.  In that time it was rare to have a wedding shot on 16mm film, or super 8mm, and the market was ready for a more cinematic approach.  For the next seven years, I traveled extensively, meeting lots of great people and filming weddings from celebrities, to athletes to just cool people in love. 

Now I live in Seattle with my wife and son and feel incredibly blessed.  Light of day Films is who I am today as a Cinematographer and where I am going. 

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Our inspiration and creative flow starts with YOU, the client.   If you have a destination in life, and you love going against the grain, you stand up, speak up, and LOVE what you are doing, then you know that you are in the right place.

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Angel Colmenares is a gem.  Capable of treating projects with a unique sensitivity and attention to detail, his vision is at once both completely natural and totally unexpected.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him, and would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone looking for video or film treatment filled with wonder and beauty.